Computational Arts

Explore and create technology that accelerates creativity and drives the evolution of our interconnected world. In AMPD, computational artists are on the leading edge of the Digital Age, where they conceptualize, design and create immersive and simulated environments, human-machine synergies and new contemporary art forms.

Digital Media (BA Specialized Honours)

AMPD’s innovative program in Digital Media, offered in collaboration with York’s Lassonde School of Engineering, is Ontario’s only degree program integrating visual, media and performing arts with computer science and engineering.

Students experience a common eighteen-month introduction to Digital Media, and then branch into one of three streams according to their interests and goals. In several upper-year courses, students collaborate on group projects, allowing them to advance their individual interests and gain valuable large-scale development skills. Students graduate with the creative skills to invent immersive and simulated experiences, human-machine interactions and new contemporary art forms.

Game Arts Stream – Integrating theory and practice, students create games that reflect the current state of the art and explore cutting-edge developments in gaming such as alt gaming, Not Games and urban games. Projects and discussions challenge and test the boundaries of games and game play.

Digital Media Arts Stream – Focusing strongly on digital artmaking, students explore the rapidly evolving world of special effects for stage and screen, interactive performance, publishing in digital media, 3D modeling and fabrication, interactive video and audio, and the design and creation of virtual communities.

Digital Media Development Stream – Rooted in Computer Science, this stream immerses students in the world of interactive systems, net-centric computing, design and creation of 3D computer graphics, user interface design, human-computer interaction, and hypermedia and multimedia technology development.

How to apply to the Specialized Honours BA program in Digital Media