Michael Haas

Digital Media Class of 2012

What are you doing now?

I work as a developer at visiblemedia in downtown Toronto. I work on various development projects for the company’s clients. I’ve made a bunch of games for various brands (Lego Friends, Terrain Twister) on family.ca. I recently finished programming an avatar creator for disneyxd user profiles.

Is there something specific you have done since graduation that you are particularly proud of?

I created this experimental application at work with node.js to show how the internet browser on a mobile device could be connected to a desktop browser client. This app took the form of a quiz. The user would go to the specified URL on their desktop client. Then if they went to the same URL on their mobile device they could connect to the desktop instance. Questions for the quiz were asked on the desktop browser and up to 4 players could use their mobile devices to submit answers to this question.

The current version is running now at quizzable.visiblemedia.com

How has your experience at York and in the Digital Media program prepared you for what you are doing now?

Digital Media gave me the foundation I needed in order to solve technical problems in logical and creative ways. Certain projects were challenging and rewarding in that they forced me to learn technologies and techniques I may not have explored on my own.

Do you have any advice for current Digital Media students?

Don’t get hung up on the various programs and languages you’re missing out on. You’re learning a core set of generic skills that can be applied to specific applications and problems later. Also you should probably document everything you make and keep them in some sort of online portfolio for employers to easily access.