Angus Chan

Digital Media Class of 2013

1. What are you doing now?

I’m a project manager specializing in UI/UX at the digital solution company New Digital Noise in Hong Kong, building responsive websites, iOS/Android applications and social media business strategies for clients. There are four stages of work as a project manager. First of all, we study the project proposal, break down the work of scope and design the production timeline and cost. Secondly, we create the user interface and demo site using Azure. Thirdly, we pass the wireframe to the designer and programmer to work on the production level. Lastly, we finish up the project with a user acceptance test.

2. Is there something specific you have done since graduation that you are particularly proud of?

Other then routine projects, I’m also involved in internal product development. We are now developing a module based, website builder with a customizable CMS. It isn’t something I am particularly proud of in its current stage, but I have a vision that it could be a product that will change a part of the online era.

3. How has your experience at York and in the Digital Media program prepared you for what you are doing now?

The experience at York has definitely built my fundamental knowledges of art and computer science. Such an in-between position between designer and programmer might be more important than you can imagine. Because web designer, programmer and UI/UX designer are always walking in three different directions, if there is that one person that knows how well the digital design will adapted in UI/UX principles, and at the same time understanding the constraints of computer programming, they will be able to to coordinate the balance of the whole project.

4. Do you have any advice for current Digital Media students?

In DM, we’ve learned different kinds of skill sets through many given problems. At the end of the day we don’t just walk out of school with the different skill sets; what we’ve learned is the skills of problem solving. Just remember the business 101, there is business in thereal world because there is problem, the bigger the problem is, the more money people will pay to solve it!