Professor Mark-David Hosale


The n-D::StudioLab is a facility designed for the research and development of transmodal artworks based on a worldmaking agenda.

The “n” in n-D refers to vast potential and the infinite, whereas the “D” in n-D refers to:

  • n-Disciplinary – trans-disciplinary, blurring boundaries, cross breeding and evolving fields
  • n-Dimensional – expanding, complex and continuous
  • n-Domain – trans-sensory, trans-experiential, transmodal

The n-D::StudioLab is an adaptable space that can accommodate unexpected projects and unknown future technologies with as few limitations as possible. Research-creation activities in the n-D::StudioLab revolve around the activities of theoretical discourse, methodological development, and the production of works. The common foci of these activities explore questions and produce work in the areas of ArtScience, Media Art, and Interactive Architecture. While a distinction between theory, methods, and making can be helpful for discussion, in practice they are interrelated with the output of one activity being the catalyst of another. Since its inception in October 2011 the n-D::StudioLab has been involved in the research and development of several works that have been shown internationally.