Digital Dramaturgy Lab

The Digital Dramaturgy Lab (DDL), founded in April 2012 by Professor Antje Budde and Professor Don Sinclair, is a creative research initiative of artists, scholars, scientists, technicians, programmers/software developers and students. This lab is a collaboration between the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto and the Department of Computational Arts at York University.

The Digital Dramaturgy Lab (DDL) investigates in practical and critical terms:

  • the relationship between digital technology and artistic performance
  • the live and mediated performing body
  • interactive strategies between performers and audiences
  • multidisciplinary creative interaction and creation between artists, scholars, programmers, designers
  • in-betweeness, reality, virtuality, queerness, multi-dimensionality
  • collisions between structure and form
  • socio-political and cultural positioning through inter-media performance and installation
  • the critical making of play and game
  • cross-disciplinary collaboration, delayed-ness and power negotiations in creative processes – LEARNING
  • soundscape landscape videoscape bodyscape mindscape ecoscape socioscape